The Unbidden Word
2nd Circle Demon
Residence: Lodros?
Appearance: 3

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Moridul the Unbidden Word is the Expressive soul of Cophos the Words
that Wound
who is the Combative soul of Elloge the Sphere of Speach.

Moridul appears as a twisting column of free floating verbiage and symbols. It can
project these onto flat surfaces manifesting as a dancing pattern of a seemingly
random assortment of words and phrases in a variety of languages including those
not yet known in Creation.


    Moridul has helpfully shared a variety of information with the group.
  • Moridul is the bound intelligence for the Manse
  • Creation is an engine to power a massive Artifact in Yu Shan.
  • The Gods rebelled against the Primordials to gain access to that artifact.
  • The Gods are addicted to it because they are inferior to the Primordials.
  • The Exalted were created as a ploy by the Gods to circumvent their oaths.
  • There were many more types of Exalted but they disappeared in the war.
  • The Exalts are cursed.
  • Sidereal Exalts exist.
  • The story of the Jadeborn and their curse.
  • Sidereal Exalts are in Yu Shan and have taken over much of it.
  • Some Sidereals want the group dead. Some don’t.
  • Sidereals orchestrated the Usurption, Immaculates, and Cult of the Illuminated.
  • They will try to make you forget about much of this.
  • Knowledge of their secrets will lead them to try harder to kill you.
  • Due to the Sidereals, Heaven will also oppose you.
  • Asking the Unconquered Sun for attention but this will likely destroy Creation.
  • Now that you know this, they will know you know and this has all begun.
  • That while Heaven is busy attacking the group the Yozis will break free.
  • He would like one of them to create a perfect Broken Winged Crane.

  • Shared with Mohogany Jane:
  • That the Great Curse was directed at the Gods but they shunted it to the Exalts.


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